Meet Dr. Harrison

Meet Dr. Harrison

Dr.  Catherine Harrison and technician Amy Huiet at the Air Force Research Laboratory

The Scientist

Catherine Harrison earned her PhD studying the changing effects of hormones over our lifespan, including the ways that the stresses associated with aging affect us and how those changes can be moderated by lifestyle.  Her first publication, in the prestigous journal Nature, described some of that work.

During her ensuring 20 year career as a researcher for the US Air Force, Dr. Harrison expanded her focus to study the effects of traumatic stress and brain injury in wounded warriors, a critically important issue for many thousands of returning soldiers.

Once again, her focus was holistic.  What can we do, in addition to drugs and surgery, to help wounded warriors reclaim their quality of life?  She and her colleagues studied how stress affects our bodies as well as our minds, and developed innovative, drug-free treatments to restore quality of life to returning veterans.  A number of those techniques have been implemented in Veterans Administration facilities in the US.

In the course of her research, Dr. Harrison learned about the scientific basis for aromatherapy in rehabilitation.  She learned that plant aromas have powerful physiological effects that go far beyond a pleasant experience.  She and her colleagues included an aromatherapy component in one study, and Dr. Harrison dove into the scientific basis of healing with aromatic plants.

 The Farmer

 Dr. Harrison began restoring a home on her family's ancestral home in 2005.  She turned fields of GMO soybeans into pastures, naturalized herb plantings, and wild crafted fruits and native shrubs.  The first Willowdale Farm is located on sensitive wetlands on Virginia's Eastern Shore, and protecting tthis unique environment was as important to her as building an interdependent farm ecology in which plants, insects and animals in harmony make it possible to use zero pesticides or artificial fertilizers.  Willowdale Farm in Virginia, and now also "Willowdale West" in Ohio are designed manifestations of Dr. Harrison's beliefs and understanding of how science and nature work, and how we can exist in harmony with them. 

Skin Care Maven

As a fair skinned redhead with a love of sailing, camping, climbing, skiing, gardening and farming, Dr. Harrison never worried about her naturally youthful skin until, approaching 50, she noticed the signs that time was going to catch up with her, too.  She applied her knowledge of chemistry and botany, searching for the kind of product she wanted to use: plant based but also intelligently crafted, not simply to smell good or to have a list of appealing plant names, but to really *work* in restoring the soft, smooth, even appearance she was accustomed to feeling, and was unwilling to lose.  She also wanted the benefit of some modern actives shown to be highly effective, but not harsh chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances.  With all that in mind, she looked at products from the most expensive to the lowliest discount products, until finally she accepted what she wanted wasn't available at any price.

And so she did what any self-respecting neuroscientist turned organic farmer would do.  She built a lab at her farm and set about developing her own skin care products.  She began making batches for family and friends as they discovered the benefits of her products, and soon the word spread.  Celluvati became a product line because the secret got out.

Celluvati Now

Dr. Harrison still crafts Celluvati products by hand, in small batches, on her farms in Virginia and Ohio.  Using a modern bootlegger's whiskey still, she distills herbs and flowers, many of which she grows on her farm, to form the basis of her soothing, rejuvenating lotions and toners.  Other ingredients are ethically sourced from fair trade or local sources wherever possible.  In some products she has carefully selected highly effective actives, such as hyaluronic acid, active anti-wrinkle peptides, or co-enzyme Q-10.  Other products are entirely plant-based.  To protect the fragile effectiveness of fresh botanicals, she packages the lotions in MironR violet glass.

No detail has been spared to make Celluvati the highest quality, most effective skin care products available, at any price.  

Dr. Harrison invites you to find out for yourself the difference Celluvati can make in your appearance, and the confidence you feel when you know you look your radiant best.






 Some of Dr. Harrison's scientific publications on aging, stress and using lifestyle modifications to heal physical and psychological injuries can be found at these sites:

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