About Our Formulas

Dr. Catherine Harrison began developing skin care products for one reason only: to apply her expertise in the effects of stress on the human body and psyche, as well as her sensibilities as an organic and permaculture farmer, to developing the best possible natural skin care products. She brought together a deep knowledge of the properties of healing plants with a deep knowledge of the science of the human body in formulating each Celluvati product. She experimented for years to develop her formulations and techniques before ever bringing a product to market, unconcerned with the typical corporate concerns of maximizing profit by cutting corners. The products and production values and techniques she developed then continue to embody at the same high standard now. We still produce our products on a now enlarged lab on her farm, using fresh, ethically sourced ingredients, many of which we produce or distill on the farm. Instead of harsh preservatives like urea or aldehydes, we use a combination of natural compounds that each provide benefit to the skin while working together to provide the kind of stability and shelf life you expect from a premium quality product. We continue to test our products only on ourselves, never on animals. Our products are vegan unless explicitly stated otherwise.